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Technical University of Denmark ♦ DTU Ballerup Campus

Exam project 2015/2016 ♦ Answer Book & Case Study


Motorway Bridge over Savstrup Stream in Jutland Denmark

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Analysis model (3 of 3)

Loads on bridge    


This section outlines some typical deformations and stresses of bridge due to single load case.
The goal is to give an understanding of the bridge's behaviour under loading. Further, the results
from single load cases will explains a result from a load combination which often raise a question
in verification for concrete and reinforcement. The single load cases are given in characteristic

Tandem (deformation)

As example of tandem point load the figure blow shown a tandem in centre span 2. The tandem

wheel is located 1m from the right edgebeam (Lane 1). It gives 9mm vertical deformation DZ at

the edgebeam outer points. The brake of this tandem gives 6mm deformation DX in longitudinal



On the annotation of the figures one can read the loadcase number, analysis number, value entity,
component and the unit (m).

Click on the images below for enlarging in 3000 pixels.

Figure: Bridge vertical deformation DZ due to tandem (m). 


Figure: Cross section deformation from the figure above (m).

Figure: Bridge longitudinal deformation DX due to tandem brake (m).


The other load cases should be documented in the appendixes. 

Refer to ICDAS Design Basis  for criteria on deformation in SLS load combinations, Quasi Permanent and Characteristic.  


Settlement (deformation & stress)

Figures below show deformation and stress of bridge subjected for settlement 10mm at centre pier 3.


The stress values and contours are shown for the two

centre spans only. The highlighted black lines indicate

the edgebeams and the piers.


ICDAS automate the deck in square shell elements to
ensure the node results can be easily selected in

It should be note that in detail analysis the colours range in the contour are not enough for the assessment. The user need to select the node results as symmetric as possible with regarding to the longitudinal and transverse direction. 


The tension stress SX at bottom of deck is 800kPa at the centre pier (red), and the compressions are -492kPa at the two neighbour piers (blue)


Figure: Vertical deformation of bridge due to 10mm settlement at centre pier (m).

Figure: Stress SX at bottom of the two centre span due to 10mm settlement at centre pier (kPa).

Load combination factors in SLS and ULS

Refer to the text book Concrete Bridge using LUSAS


Basis and Smart Combinations in LUSAS

Refer to the text book Concrete Bridge using LUSAS


Refer to 
ICDAS Design Basis and the text book Concrete Bridge using LUSAS for verification
of reinforcement and concrete in SLS and USL load combinations. 

Terrain  -  Geometry  - Analysis 1 2 3  Savstrup Bridge


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