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Welcome to example of prestressing concrete bridges.

This example is free released to project students at DTU Ballerup Campus by ICDAS.


Technical University of Denmark ♦ DTU Ballerup Campus

Exam project 2015/2016 ♦ Answer Book & Case Study


Motorway Bridge over Savstrup Stream in Jutland Denmark

Terrain  -  Geometry  -  Analysis 1 2 3 


Exam Project at DTU Ballerup Campus is consisting of two parts, a project suggestion and a main project. 


The main project in this case is a motorway bridge carrying Load Model 1 (LM1) and the UDL. The bridge

is constructed with concrete, prestressing cables and mild reinforcement.


Verification of concrete, prestressing cables and mild reinforcement are according to Eurocode and Danish
Road Directorate April 2015. Refer to 
ICDAS Design Basis for design criteria in ULS and SLS load

This answer book describes short software tools for creation of bridges, and the bridge itself as well.

There are three models needed for a bridge project:


Terrain model (AutoCAD Civil 3D)

Geometry model (Revit Bridge)

Analysis model (LUSAS Bridge)


The terrain model determines position of the bridge in lands coordinate from which man build the bridge
corridor. In geometry model man design the lengths of span, deck type, bearings, piers, abutments and
the foundations. In analysis model man divide the geometry model into small elements to perform an
analysis, also known as Finite Element Method (FEM model).

  Terrain model (Civil 3D)

Terrain model is in coordinate EPSG code 32632

(UTM84-32N) cf. ICDAS Design Basis. The bridge will

be build over Savstrup stream in Jutland Denmark



The bridge has a total length 138m located between

station 0 and 150m (fictive stations) from Hostebro

North to Aulum as shown to the right (top)


Horizontal alignment is a circle radius 3500m.
Longitudinal profile is sloping down 2.8% from North
to South, see Figure to the right (bottom). The mean
value of elevations over the entire length is about
28.730m, which yield 6m free height  required over
the terrain on the north side.

The assembly cross section has a total width of 12.58m ,

one-sided slope 2.5% downwards from East to West.

The last 540mm has a contra slope of 11%.


From the above data you can design the corridor for the

bridge in Civil 3D. Note that a terrain model normally is

more detailed than shown below.  However, for the purpose

of creation of bridge in Revit the designed corridor as

shown is enough.


Once the bridge corridor has been successfully created,
you can open Revit and run integration with Civil 3D to
work with bridge in Revit.


Figure: Terrain model for bridge over Savstrup stream, Jylland Denmark

  Savstrup Bridge Terrain - Geometry  - Analysis 1 2 3
Updated 04-02-2016

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