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123456789_123456789_1123456789Concrete Bridge Software 

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Welcome to examples of Concrete Bridges (COB)


ICDAS COB provides

›  Addin for automatic model creation in BIM & FEM for Concrete Bridges where 

   Revit and Lusas are default tools, respectively.

›  Manuals for new methods of creation of bridges in Revit, where automation and manual

   modification combined to design every geometry of the bridge.


ICDAS COB applies Lusas to perform FEM verification for dimensions of the bridge. Revit BIM

to outline detailed information including 3D, 2D sectional drawings, materials, quantities and

so on. Further, by upload Revit model on Revit LIVE cloud service the user can experience the

bridge in immersive visualization. Virtual Reality from Revit LIVE required HTC headset and

VIVE software installed, graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or better.

List of Bridges Key Parameters

EX4. Double Curved Reinforcement using ICDAS COB Option 1

09-09-2017, ICDAS COB Option 1   

This page summarizes examples of ICDAS Concrete Bridges with links to details. ICDAS Concrete Bridges provide three main options to create bridge in Revit and Lusas. They are listing below:


Option 1. Revit Families & Lusas

Option 2. Revit Civil Structures & Lusas

Option 3. Revit Dynamo & Lusas


The main difference between options is how the information model being modelled in Revit, but the Lusas model is obtained by the same input for all of options. Currently, automation of Lusas model is only available for rectilinear or circular arc alignment of the bridge. Refer Model description  for further details.


The three options for Revit can be combined. E.g. creation of prestressing cables in Option 1 Families can be used in

Option 2 Civil Structures or Option 3 Dynamo.




Option 1. Revit Family
 & Lusas

123456789_123456789_11234Ex3. Double Curved Concrete Bridge
ICDAS COB Option 1




123456789_123456789_11234Ex1. R&U 2021 Zealand Denmark, Structure 7.7 & 7.8 Lyngby
13-03-2016, ICDAS COB Option 1 

123Ex2. Concrete Curved Bridge
07-05-2016, ICDAS COB Option 1

123456789_123456789_11234Prestressing Concrete Bridge
, ICDAS COB Option 1


Option 2. Revit Civil Structures
 & Lusas




Overpass dimensions


   Underpass dimensions

123456789_123456789_11234Ex3. System of Approaches, Odense Denmark, Offer project  
10-06-2014, ICDAS COB Option 2


Ex3. System of Approaches, Odense Denmark, Offer project 
10-06-2014, ICDAS COB Option 2






123456789_123456789_11234Ex1. Double boxes multi-spans 
15-05-2014, ICDAS COB Option 2 


Ex2. Double curved boxes multi-spans

01-06-2014, ICDAS COB Option 2


Option 3. Revit Dynamo & Lusas


123456789_123456789_11234Ex2. Double Curved Reinforced Concrete Bridge
ICDAS COB Option 3

123456789_123456789_11234Ex1. Double Curved Concrete Bridge
ICDAS COB Option 3

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