S o f t w a r e     f o r     a u t o m a t i c     c r e a t i o n     o f     m o d e l s     u s i n g     p a r a m e t r i c     d a t a

Order and payment method

Digital models 
& Manual


Please order by email to th@icdas.dk


§      Number and name of the PDF manual(s), model(s) and/or Add-Ins subscription(s)

§      Name of company/individual person


Fastest method (pay first, confirmation of payment come after)


§      Enclose the bank transfer for your purchased manual(s) and/or model(s)

§      Once we have the payments, a confirmation of payment and digital files of your order will be replied

      to you within 24 hours.


Invoice first


§      Once we have received your order, an invoice will be replied to you within 24 hours.

§      Once we have the payments, digital files of your order will be sent to you within the next 24 hours.



ICDAS Nordia Account

CVR nr. 34436169

IBAN: DK6220000724949339

Swift address: NDEADKKK

Reg. nr. 2314

Kontonr. 0724949339





All prices are excluding VAT.


For orders from addresses within Denmark, VAT will be added at the current rate at the time of the order (i.e. 25%).


For orders from non-Denmark address located within the European Community will be charged VAT at the DK current

rate unless a VAT/EC Equivalent Tax Registration Number as been given. Please ensure that your Tax Number is



Orders from countries located outside the European Community will not be charged VAT. 


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