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Validation of ICDAS



Models History



Application of ICDAS


§      The ICDAS system is professionally acknowledged.

§      The ICDAS system developed in a professional environment with application of Technical University

      of Denmark for teaching and exam project students.

§      The ICDAS technology is launched since 2008 and available for the main customers in fields of structural

      buildings and infrastructure constructions.

§      In April 2018 ICDAS is applied by the Danish Road Directorate for recreation of the Danish

      Limfjordstunnel in Revit BIM & LUSAS FEM model.


§      The ICDAS system is fulfilled the essential demands for automatic creation of BIM and/or analysis

      models on existing software. The workflow is strongest in Revit and LUSAS, secondary in Tekla/AutoCAD

      and FEM-Design/Robot.


Software developer

§      The ICDAS founder has more than 17 years experiences in structural engineering and programming;

      PhD in structural engineering at Alborg University, Denmark (2001) and External Lecturer at Technical  

      University of Denmark since 2012.

§      The ICDAS founder has a wide knowledge of FEM & BIM application through the 17 years employed at

      engineering company COWI, Rambøll, NIRAS and entrepreneur PER AARSLEFF in Denmark.   

§      The ICDAS software is non-stop developing with periodic version updating of about 3-6 months or after

      individual agreement with specific customers.


Connection to ICDAS

§      All customers contact directly ICDAS. Currently, there is no supplier or agent from outside of ICDAS.


Technical support agreement

§      ICDAS and customer will together enter into agreement for technical support and maintenance regarding

      to the customer's needs. By default, a licence is automatically included one-year support.

§      During the licence year support, ICDAS offer correction of codes (software) within 24-48 hours from

      receiving e-mail reporting the errors. It is free of charge for the customers. ICDAS offer also correction of

      input errors from the customer's side after individual agreement with the customers (often depending of

      size of the input).

§      All technical supports are directly referred to ICDAS. There is no third party involved.

§      ICDAS solution has special functions to trace input errors quickly. ICDAS support team is efficient and

      ensures the correct input/model will be returned to the customer as soon it is checked OK on our computer.

Technical specifications and manuals

§      Basically, there are steps-by-steps video tutorial on www.icdas.dk for the model the customer has a licence to.

      If not - or the version is updated - the customer will receive a new video tutorial together with the installed file.

      There is also a pdf user's manual for the model where the customer can open in Revit using ICDAS*.rvt

      template file. Note that ICDAS input is an Excel file (or a text file), i.e. there is no new software interface to learn,

      if you already are in familiar with Revit and Lusas software.

§      The pdf user's manuals will be updated with new version updating and will be sent by e-mail to the customer.

§      During the annual licence, the customer will automatically received report of errors fixing and others input

      reminder (typical input errors). If necessary, a new updating version will be sent to the customer free of charge. 



Operation and user interface

§     ICDAS inputs are listed in Excel file or text file. The input can be entered by project managers, engineer

     specialists, engineers or even by engineer's assistants. ICDAS is especially a good tool for project managers who

     know the information and want to automate BIM and FEM models concurrently from Excel input as the basics for 

     further works.

§     ICDAS input itself does not require a certain educational background because the users will immediately work on

     Revit and Lusas as soon the two models are created (by a few seconds each). Therefore, an experienced user in

     Revit and Lusas will be happy for ICDAS add-ins. ICDAS provide also automatic model creation on other BIM and 

     FEM tools after agreement with individual customer.

§     In case of other software being use for geometry and analysis models, e.g. AutoCAD/Tekla and Robot, the ICDAS

     input still be the same. Nevertheless, a new licence is needed for add-ins to the associated software. Note that the

     customer do have a chance to setup the look of input through an agreement with ICDAS developer.


§     ICDAS input can off course reuse data from a previous project which has been entered in ICDAS input rules. I.e.

     only the changed parameters needed to be updated for the new models (dimensions, cross sections, materials and

     so on). The case an existing project which has never been entered data in ICDAS, then all data needed to be enter

     in ICDAS Excel file.


§    All selected BIM and FEM models published on www.icdas.dk are automatically created by ICDAS tool as tests. 

    Arch Bridges have also manual modification in Revit. All ICDAS BIM models, incl. Building, Bridge, Wind Turbine

    Foundation and so on, fulfil ICT regulation from The Danish Building & Property Agency for  digital construction with

    exchanged IFC format. Having subscription to a model, the user will have Excel input when installed ICDAS add-ins in

    Revit. By modifications of the input, the user will obtain new BIM and FEM models for a new project.


Hardware and basic software

§    ICDAS execute currently on normal PC with Window operative system (Windows 10, 8, 7).

§    ICDAS has requirement as for Revit and Lusas software for computer processor, RAM memory and graphic card.

    For Revit and Lusas run concurrently, it will take only a few seconds to automate the models with ICDAS add-ins.

    At our office, we apply DELL-ALIEN 17 R5 Intel Core i9-8950HK (6-Core, 12MB Cache, Overclocking up to 5.0GHz),

    32GB Ram memory DDR4 2666MHz , 1TB PCIe M.2 SSD, and graphic NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 with 8GB GDDR5X

    for Virtual Reality, pt. April 2018.

§   Revit 2019, Lusas 17.0-0 (also previous versions), Excel .xlsx format are the default required software

   being run in ICDAS.

§   Virtual Reality in Revit LIVE requires HTC headset and VIVE software installed, graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX

   1060 or better. 



§      ICDAS offer qualified instruction performed by ICDAS developers free of charge in Denmark.

Contractual obligations

§     ICDAS licenses may be purchased or leased successively as the need arises.

§     The customer may select exactly the licence for the needed model, or combined models in agreement with ICDAS.

§     The customers have adjustment rights to re-setup layout of Excel or text input in agreement with ICDAS.

§     An acceptance trial has possibility of contract annulment.

§     To obtain trial version the customer need to mail to Helena@icdas.dk, enter the contact person name, name of the

     firm and which ICDAS model. For annual subscription in case of input errors that may cause a stop in project,

     ICDAS will offer tracing of errors within 24-48 hours response on basis of hours charge (100EUR/hour).

§     During the trial and subscription agreement, ICDAS offer support for solving errors and omissions for free of charge?

Updated 08-08-2018