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  Steel Frame Bridges

Case study
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Steel Bridge Model

Model description


Geometry model

Analysis model

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Basis of Design &


Workflow of Software

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Rendering & Animation 

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Once the bridge model has bean automatically created in Revit (global), the users can export it to Advance Steel

for working on local detailing connections. It is recommended that these connections imported back to Revit to

ensure all drawings will be documented/printed from Revit (using Advance Steel Extension > Synchronisation in



Detailing connections must be manually designed and layout for all connections on bridge. The case two connections

having the same category (i.e. the same geometric conditions but different dimensions) the users can apply "Copy a

Connection" in Advance Steel for the two connections. Design detailing connections using Advance Steel is easy, and


Advance Steel is including in the AEC Collection and has AutoCAD interface as shown below since Version 2016.

Autodesk Advance Steel 2016

This case study outlines the steps of using interface of Favourites of Autodesk Advance Steel 2016.

Aside from new Favourites smart features, Advance Steel panels are fully integrated into the AutoCAD


Interface of Favourites

1. Home tab > Extended Modeling panel, press Connection vault

2. Expand/collapse Favourites

3. Expand/collapse images and text description

4. Drag to increase/decrease width of the left menu

5. Drag to adapt area of Favourites

6. There are 12 categories of connections including Favourites. Click on one to expand further options.

    You can add options from different categories to Favourites for easy work on your model/connection.


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Add options to Favourites

1. Select Platform beams category


2. There are 16 options for Platform beams. Mouse on option (5) Single sided end plate, click to add to favourites.


3. Figure example for Single sided end plate. It will be adapted after option you choose on the left.


4. Guide to create connection with Single sided end plate. It will be adapted after option you choose on the left.


Add also to favourites

(2.2) Clip angle - Skewed

(2.15) Shear splice plate


5. Press Favourites


6. In Favourites you have now the options needed to the job. Drag and drop it on the selected beams. The  order of the selected beams is guided in field 4.


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