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  Steel Frame Bridges

Landscape model 
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Steel Bridge Model

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Geometry model

Analysis model

Landscape model

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Do we need the landscape model?


There are many answers to this question.


§   Landscape model is including in VVM review when your project is committed

   to the politicians, authorities and the public in Denmark (environment factor

   in a competition).

§   Landscape model gives a precise and comprehensible illustration of the model

   at the location, and with ICDAS tools, you can easily replace another model for


§   Because Revit Bridge is integrated with AutoCAD Civil 3D terrain model in

    land coordinate, the bridge is in the true position, i.e. there is no need to move

    the model in 3ds Max 2022.

§  And many other plus for your project such as landscape model gives inspiration

   to improve your geometry model in a competition.


However, creation of landscape model take time, especially rendering and animation

in high resolution. ICDAS will therefore take part of this work to add values on your

project. Some of techniques are outlined below. You can also obtain full manual for

a registered ICDAS subscription. 

How to create 3ds Max 2020 model automatically?

This happens when you run script 3dsCB.ms in 3ds Max 2020. 3ds MaxScript is 

powerful for automatic models creation in 3ds Max for conceptual design,

following by rendering and animation of the model. However, you can of course

also import Revit model in 3ds Max 2022 as a part of landscape model.



ICDAS Landscape model is created in 3ds Max 2022 with:


§  3D bridge model from ICDAS Revit

§  3D terrain model from AutoCAD Civil3D incl. roads and parcels

§  3D road equipments, vehicles, people, trees, furniture and so on from 3ds Max 2022


A good landscape model will make your project look more realistic and give more

ideas for geometric modification and perfection. 


ICDAS 3ds Max 2022 Manual outlines step-by-step for working on CSB models with


§      Import Revit and Civil 3D models in 3ds Max 2022

§      Creation of abutment, retaining wall and many other non-moving 3d models

§      Materials option of hundreds of textures and patterns in pdf color catalogue

§      Lighting, rendering and animation

§      Using many PCs for rendering of animated populate


Updated 17-03-2022


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