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  Steel Frame Bridges

Model Examples 
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Welcome to examples for automatic models creation of Steel Frame Bridges.


ICDAS SFB 2017.00R allows you to create geometry, analyse and load models for Steel Frame

Bridges automatically. Geometry model will create in Revit 2017 (also 2016), whereas analyse

and load models are created in Lusas Bridge 15.2-3.



Shows below are some examples of footway bridges using parametric input ICDAS  BRIDGE


Figure: Revit automatic creation of Steel Frame Deck, 16x60m.

Figure: LUSAS automatic creation of Steel Frame Deck, 16x60m. 

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Figure: LUSAS automatic creation of UDL surface load on bridge, 16x60m.


Figure: LUSAS automatic creation of Steel Frame Deck, 10x60m.




Figure: LUSAS Steel Frame Deck and Concrete Shell Elements, 10x60m. 


 Figure: LUSAS FEM mesh of the bridge as documented in Revit. 


Updated 17-06-2016



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