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Case study




Pedestrian bridge over Køgestation 2016, Zealand Denmark

COWI Project A067610


Prefabricated TTSlab Bridge, LUSAS staged construction in shell elements

For educational purpose only.



Key words


§      Prestressing strands prEn10138-3 Grade 1860MPa, Breaking load fpk=173kN, Elastic limit Fp0.1=152kN

§      TTD78, prestressing P = 24 strands * 173 * 0.75 = 3114kN at centre of TT web.

§      TTSlab-Deck in Master/Slave surface coupling by Line Mesh coupling stiffness 1E10

§      Nonlinear analyse involving birth and death elements of TTSlab in phase1 and 2.



Shown below is automatic models creation in Lusas.




Figure: Deactivate and activate elements in Phase 1 and 2, LUSAS model.




Figure: Concrete topping above TTSlab, both in shell elements, LUSAS model.

: Prefabricated TTslab bridge with holes in the deck.
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