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  Parametric Buildings (FRBL Model Examples)

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FRBL Model Examples  

Model description  




BIM model


Analysis model


Landscape model


ICDAS Basis of Design


Workflow of Software


Additional features


Rendering & Animation


Trial Version


 The next four figures shown a building with combined excel inputs. The first input has the
curving facade radius 150m creating a normal single box building without displaced centre
part. Then the second excel input create a curve radius 80m. Only the calculated centre
yDist from here are used to the first input to create the sharp of the centre element 10-16. 

Figure: Plan of concave/convex modified building.
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123456789_123456789_1123456789In this way you can also free combine between concave and/or convex curves.
Shown below the front side is in two concave curves of R100 and R80.

Further, one can combine two models in one building. I.e. two excel inputs  employed for

two models connecting by  bridges on the height floors (Revit models link). This kind of

design using ICDAS automatic models creation will give endless number of appearances

because each of model can be designed individually for the common building.


This is emphatically that the automatic models creation gives us opportunities for forming
many varieties of design of buildings, just by easy changes of dimensions and elements
type in Excel input.

Figure: Two curving facades

Figure:  Automatic walls creation from modified excel input

Figure: Rendering of walls and floors.

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