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  Parametric Buildings (FRBL Model Examples)

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FRBL Model Examples  

Model description  




BIM model


Analysis model


Landscape model


ICDAS Basis of Design


Workflow of Software


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Rendering & Animation


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 The two next figures show a few changes of input from the convex/concave building.
The displaced glazing at the centre is obtained just by modify XDist, YDist at the start
and the end wall element of the glazing section. Thus, the walls along the glazing section
keep the same curving as the facade. Without design of windows, the automation run even
faster. It is also often that high buildings have no windows. The columns are not designed
in the displaced glazing. You just specify location of columns in region of input for the Beams
& Columns.

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: Convex/concave Front/Back with glazing centre

The next two figures show a simple design of a 10-floors storage building, where most of

the facades are covered by walls. To delete all windows from the previous model, you only

need to replace all of the previous values with zero (0) in all excel input cells with wDist.

Using symmetric property of the building, you can copy input of the Front and the Right

side, paste to the Back and Left side, respectively.


Horizontal glass walls are designed surrounding the four sides of the building. Load-carrying
internal walls, beams and columns are not modelled in the below two conceptual figures.
They are easily created from the input file.

Figure: Revit print screen of the storage building.

Figure: Revit rendering of the storage building.

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