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Parametric Buildings(FRBL Model Examples)

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: Front & Back in both concave curve, Left & Right in concave and convex curve.



Automatic creating curves in Excel will save our time for searching after a conceptual shape

for the building.In addition, ICDAS add-ins will use these curves toautomaticallygenerate

the facades ofthe building, as shown in the below two figures.

: Automatic numbering of wall number and length.

Figure: Double concave curve of the Front and Back facades of the building

The double concave building is designed in 10 floors where the Right and Left sides are als

in curved walls. The top floor is 8m height in full glass facade. Beams, columns and internal

structural walls are employed to carry the top deck. Fortunately, ICDAS add-ins create also

analysis model in Lusas to face the challenge.

The next two figures apply the same conceptual Excel, but the Front side is switched to convex,

and where the two Left and Right sides are in straight lines. As a result, the total area of the

building increase significantly. Using function "Floor Design By Points", you can create any shape

of a hole in centre of the top deck, and through all floors to obtain the daylight to the building inside.

It is emphatically the automatic models creation gives us opportunities for forming many variety of

design of buildings.

Figure: Front & Back in convex and concave curve, Left & Right in both straight line.

: Convex/concave curve of the Front and Back facades of the building


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