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  Photos Seminar 2014-06-23
Georg Bakken Idland









Automatic creation of REVIT and LUSAS models

using parametric data


23 June 2014

 University of Denmark

DTU Diplom  Lautrupvang 11A  • 2750 Ballerup • Denmark

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14:00 Welcome and Introduction

Truc Huynh, ICDAS and Philip Icke, LUSAS  


14:05 Automatic creation of building models

                Cylinder BuildingFRBL and Wind Turbine Gravity Base Foundation will be used as an example

                Truc Huynh, ICDAS



14:35 Automatic creation of bridge models

                Concrete Road Bridge and Cable stayed bridge  will be used as an example

                Truc Huynh, ICDAS


                LUSAS 15 and Revit 2015 are used for both of building and bridge models. There are no new user 
                interface in ICDAS except text or Excel input files for the models. We are focussing on design of
                parametric input to obtain geometry and analysis model instantly. It will give us more ideas to
                improve the models and to document it automatically as well.

15:10 Pause



15:20     LUSAS capabilities for structural analysis, design and soil-structure modelling,

               focussing on some of the many new features in Version 15.


             - Parameterisation and the LUSAS Programming Interface

             - Cable tuning analysis

             - Multiple analysis facilities

             - RC Slab design 

             - Soil-structure interaction

             - CAD Import / Export

                Philip Icke, LUSAS




16:20 Questions


17:00 End of the seminar


Please email th@icdas.dk  to reserve your place. Please note in mail if bridge or building models you are 

most interested for automatic models creation.


Registration free, but limited number of participants.

Deadline June 18th 2014

For further information about Lusas V15.0 please visit this page or contact philip.icke@lusas.com 

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news: Laptop.jpg 





Images: Seminar.jpg


The above image shows an example of REVIT and LUSAS models created

automatically from ICDAS input. Models are created in REVIT by using

ICDAS add-ins. When running add-ins, a LUSAS.cmd file is also created

automatically, and by importing the cmd file into LUSAS a model is

generated that includes supports, as well as an initial assessment for

self-weight - all in preparation for the assignment of further loadings and

solving in LUSAS to evaluate the results.


Show to the right is ICDAS add-ins in Revit for ICDAS BUILDINGS Cylinder

Building and FRBL models. For ICDAS BRIDGES there is only one function

to click in External Tools due to special programming configuration in

ICDAS Revit (not shown).


Input for both of Revit and Lusas models is an Excel file or a normal text



Using ICDAS will eliminate any discrepancy and further errors between

drawings and calculations in a project. It helps us to plan, design, build

and manage the project easier and much faster. ICDAS is available for

both structural buildings and infrastructure constructions.


The seminar will introduce some examples of buildings and bridges.


Trial Version

Download Free 30-day trial




news: YouTubeHD.jpg

Example of ICDAS animations

Cylinder Buildings model (CB)

Images: ICDAS External Tools.jpg

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123456789_123456789_1 The Event Partners


Philip Icke

European Regional Manager,
Forge House, 
66 High Street,
Kingston upon Thames, 
Surrey, KT1 1HN, UK

Email: philip.icke@lusas.com



Truc Huynh

Hans Erik Nielsens Vej 3
DK-3650 Ølstykke

Email: th@icdas.dk 
Tel.: +45 29 90 92 96
CVR no.: 34436169


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