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Automatic Ballast Creation


Ballast on the gravity base foundation is needed due to the structural dead weight is minimized within
available equipment range in the installation phase during lifting and transportation. The ballast material
can be selected for a desired density. It is recalculated in kN/m2 for the knowing available volume at the
foundation bottom, and enter in input as shown below.

Figure: Input of ballast vertical and horizontal.




BaVOut = Ballast Vertical Base Slab Outer (kN/m2)

BaVInn = Ballast Vertical Base Slab Inner (kN/m2)


BaHCTop = Ballast Horizontal Cylindrical shaft at Top (kN/m2)

BaHCBot = Ballast Horizontal Cylindrical shaft at Bottom (kN/m2)

BaHOTop = Ballast Horizontal Outer wall at Top (kN/m2)

BaHOBot = Ballast Horizontal Outer wall at Bottom (kN/m2)

Once the predicted ballasts are given in input, they will be automatically defined and assigned to the

foundation slabs in Lusas models as shown below.

Figure: Automatic ballast on rib wall supported model

Figure: Automatic ballast on conical slab supported model


The above figures show ballasts on the foundations with rib model (top) and conical slab model (bottom).
The surfaces carrying the ballast are highlighted in grey. The ballasts horizontal forces are assumed to
reduce linear from bottom to top. They are registered as Loadcase 3 Vertical and Loadcase 4 Horizontal in
Lusas model (where 1 and 2 are for support and gravity, respectively).

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