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Automatic 3D reinforcement creation


Shown to the right is example of input for

reinforcement. The input (diameter, spacing)

is given for exterior and interior side of wall

elements ; top and bottom side for floor



The reinforcement are placed in two directions

called major and minor in input region for

reinforcement, as they are called in Revit.


Figure to the right shows reinforcement (diameter,

spacing) = (20, 200)mm in the rib walls and the

outer walls as the start values for optimization.


With 3D reinforcement model one can easily

created 2D sections in Revit for further detailed

drawings. These detailed drawings will be

automatically updated for the changes modified 

in 3D model.

See also 3D Reinforcement for Concrete Bridges

Figure3D reinforcement  

: Reinforcement input

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Updated 30-05-2015