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ICDAS WTF 2017.00R

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WTF Model Examples

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Geometry model

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Once the updating input is saved, one can run ICDAS add-ins in Revit to automate the geometry model, in both of

Family (*.rfa) and Project (*.rvt) environments. Further, a Lusas*.cmd file will also be automatically created (from

both of Revit *.rfa and *.rvt file), just by one click on add-ins "ICDAS WTF 2017.00R GBF Lusas" or "ICDAS WTF

2017.00R JAF Lusas", where GBF stands for Gravity Base Foundation, and JAF for Jacket Foundation. Import this

Lusas*.cmd file in Lusas for automatic creation of FEM model corresponded to the Revit model.


In view of design, by changes of the key parameters such as ArcWall, CSlabDist and nwalls in Family and Project files,
one will obtain many drawings of designs of the wind turbine gravity base foundations, and also jacket foundations.
Shows below are examples for the GBF.



Further explanations of input are outlined in GeometryAnalysis and Video Tutorial WTF 2015.00R.  

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