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This section collects some images and data of wind

turbine foundations from internet with reference at each



ICDAS thank the professionals/companies who have

created these technical figures for published



Visitors of this page, including us, will have hereby an

overview of the wind turbine foundations for a better

understanding of geometry in ICDAS parametric models















Wind turbines at Nysted Offshore Wind Farm

Source: Danish Offshore Wind 2013


Foundation types and components


There are generally four types of wind turbine foundations,

namely monopile, gravity base, space frame and floating

structure foundation.


The monopile foundation support the wind tower above
either directly or through a transition piece, Figure 2 and 3.
The monopile consists of a steel pipe that is up to 6 m in
diameter and a wall thickness up to 150 mm. The monopile
is the most commonly used foundation for offshore wind
turbines in shallow water depths limited to max. 35m,
Figure 6.

The principle behind a gravity based foundation, is that
they are often internally ballasted to create a large stable
mass to prevent the foundation from moving, Figure 2 and
3. The heavy ballast is filled in after the foundation are
placed onto the seabed. The gravity based foundation can
have a diameter up to 30m in concrete and/or steel
structure. They are typical applied in shallow water depths
up to 20-30m, Figure 6. 


Figure 1: Wind turbine and gravity base foundation

for the Thornton Bank Offshore Wind Farm

                 Source: TERRA ET AQUA Number 115

Source: Garrad Hassan and Partners Ltd

Tripod foundation (space frame)
Source: Garrad Hassan and Partners Ltd

Figure 2
: Components of wind offshore foundations.
Gravity base foundation. 
Source: Garrad Hassan and Partners Ltd

Jacket foundation (space frame)
Source: Garrad Hassan and Partners Ltd

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