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Cable-stayed Bridge

Model Examples

Model description


BIM model

Analysis model

Landscape model

ICDAS Basis of Design

Workflow of Software

Additional features

Rendering, Animation &
Vitural Reality

Case Study and 

Trial Version

Concluding Remarks


A few points can be pointed out temporary for this case study of cable stayed bridges


§        ICDAS automatic models creation allows one to create a cable stayed bridge fast, both of 3D geometry model

    in Revit and 3D FEM in Lusas.

§        Nonlinear analysis convergence are the masters of the equivalent thickness and density of the plates creating

    the deck. Further, support and coupling conditions, initial tensions of the cables, lengths of the cable nonlinear

    elements are the significant factors for the usage time of the nonlinear convergence.

§        (Thickness, density)=(175mm, 7.85ton/m3) has been used for the top and bottom of deck in this bridge. The

    bridge has dimension of 150+302+150m spans with streamlined box girder of 3m depth in steel and two pylons

    in concrete.

§        Well agreements between the linear calculated initial tensions T in the cables and the nonlinear converged axial

    forces Fx in the cables.

§        Well natural mode shapes and frequencies obtained for both of the cantilever and the full bridges. Especially

    well vibrations of the cables modeled in 2m-nodes-distance with the longest cables up to 160m (80 nonlinear

    elements each cable).

§        Well results obtained in shell elements creating the stiffening deck girder in details.






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