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Cable-stayed bridge during construction

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Cable forces convergence at deadload

The Table and Figure below shows the cable axial force Fx compared to the initial input, where


T : Initial tensions of the cables from the Excel file (linear assumption)

SFac : Factor multiplied on T for the side span cable input

MFac : Factor multiplied on T for the main span cable input

SFx : Cable axial Fx converged from the nonlinear analysis in the side span

MFx : Cable axial Fx converged from the nonlinear analysis in the main span

SRatio = SFx/T

MRatio = MFx/T



Figure: Ratio of the cable force Fx to the initial tension T


It seems that the estimated SFac yields the SRatio closed to 1.00 in the side span, i.e. the converged cable forces are
closed to the assumed T. In the main span the deviation is up to 12% at the cable no. 7. By increasing the ratio MFac
a better MRatio will be obtained. Note that a good estimation of SFac and MFac will faster the convergence significantly.

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