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Automatic Models Creation, Design Documentation, Static Documentation


We are a small consulting engineers in Denmark with 16 years’ experience in structural engineering.

We offer to work as project consultant for bridges, buildings or wind turbine foundations, either in

large or small scales. We provide:


§       Design documentation in high quality layout

§       Static documentation for steel and concrete constructions

§       Verification of structural elements according to Eurocode


For all projects we can offer to provide support as much and as far as needed. Our experiences cover

most bridges , both in large and small scales, and in concrete and/or steel. For buildings  and 

wind turbine foundations  we need to co-operate with you about loads on the structures. We apply ICDAS

technology to design and analyse from one input file to ensure the verification and documentation are dealt

on the same construction.


We also provide geometry Revit model and/or analysis LUSAS model only, so the users can continue on

their projects.


Finally, we also provide ICDAS Add-Ins subscription that the consumers can automate the models by

themselves. We offer ICDAS automatic models creation also on other software after the consumers’ needs,

including setup of input after their preferences.


Advantages of ICDAS technology can be estimated for companies with different numbers of employees as

resumed in the table below.



Employees under 30


Employees between 30-70


Employees over 70

- save time to create the models and use time to work with other projects.

- Enhance competitiveness with automatic models creation.



- Apply IFC file from ICDAS Revit model to co-operate with your partners/clients.

- more efficient man-hour for more design ideas

- combine with the company's existing digital technology in subsequent designed phases




For architectural practice, consulting engineers, engineering contractors and building owner,

we offer to carry out the tasks listing below.

news: co_building_owner.jpg


Architectural practice




We offer to do the tasks:


- Creation of buildings with parametric input as shown in Parametric Buildings and 


Cylinder Building

which are taking into account the engineers’ logic, but the architects
  must take the
 final decision for appearance.


- Construction is on site after agreement of code for landscoordinate and angle to the north.



- Static documentation after ICDAS Building Basis of Design  or special agreements if needed.

- Rendering and animation in 1K, 4K or higher resolution.


- Set up software, projector, large screen for demonstrations 




Consulting Engineers



We offer to do the tasks:


- Creation of Arch BridgesConcrete BridgesCable-Stayed BridgesSteel Frame Bridges . For

  terrain model we need to co-operate with you on alignments and vertical profile of the bridge

  and the underpass(es). We have experience in working with mm-accuracy for geometry of

  bridges. For geometry and analysis model, we offer:


- Perform static documentation based on ICDAS Bridge Basis of Design, Eurocodes and special

  agreements. Some of the main topics are listed below:


- Loads and combination of loads on bridge, in SLS & ULS

- Max/Min reactions at foundations in SLS & ULS

- Displacements criteria


Concrete Structures

- Verification of concrete thickness in SLS & ULS

- Verification of reinforcement


Steel Structures

- Dynamic natural mode shapes and frequencies

- Buckling stability


- Verification of stresses 







We offer to do the tasks:


- Automatic models creation in Revit including create schedules of walls to Excel for existing

  Revit model.


- Perform static documentation for large and small project, based on ICDAS Basis of Design,

  Eurocodes and special agreements (LUSAS being use as analysis tool).



- Contribute to company's competition especially in bridge projects.  




Building owner



We offer to do the tasks:


 - to be the third part for validation of bridge projects, especially regarding assessment of analyse

   using advanced software.


- creation of conceptual design for bridges and buildings from which the building owner  will get

  an overview of the project for estimation of the budget.


- visualization and animation of project after the building owner's idea at the preliminary stage. 


- Detail project work for large and small projects.



Our contributions can help the building owner to obtain a better project results with the same budget.

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