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Additional features are features during development. For registered subscription you will receive new features as

soon as it is released. Some of them are listing below:

Lusas 15.2-5

Input in one Excel file which can also be used for further

      calculation of outputs created from LUSAS results.

Automatic creation of prestressed cables. 

- Automatic creation of path load for UDL in case of

  multi-lanes traffic. 

Revit 2018 

For 3D Reinforcement in double curved concrete elements, ICDAS is working on two options for automation:

   Just by enter input for the required reinforcement     

   calculated from LUSAS. This option required the 3D

 concrete elements created from ICDAS COB.


  Using Dynamo For Rebar for any existing model.

   This option required the 3D concrete elements 

   were correctly modeled, and the concrete elements

   can host rebar.

And also:

  Revit export selected objects to Tekla for creation of

   reinforcement, then Tekla export back to Revit these

   objects with reinforcement. 

  automatic creation of prestressed cables 


Additional features can also be the special features which

are in agreements with the clients.


Updated 28-09-2017


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