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Double Deck Concrete Railway Bridge

ICDAS COB Option 1 (Revit Family)



R&U 2021 Zealand Denmark

Structure 7.7 & 7.8 Lyngby

OP Nordbanen, New S-Rail Bridges


For educational purpose only.

Key words

-     ICDAS Concrete Bridges

-     Geometry model: ICDAS automatic creation of blend and extrusion in Revit

-     Analysis model: Verification for concrete and reinforcement in ULS, SLS, FLS and ALS loads combinations

                               (Eurocode). FLS & SLS are determined for the reinforcement. ULS for the concrete.

-     Load model: LM71 according to BaneDanmark BN1-59-4


The two bridges will become a two overpasses of railway above the Light Rail on Ring 3 (bury) i R&U 2021 project. 

The bridges will be built in concrete and mild reinforcement, both of span (0.855m + 8.85m + 0.855m).

The two bridge decks are charnier-coupled to the pile caps which are fixed to the secant-walls.




The secant piles are shown at every two, which will become a wall finally with non-reinforced columns

built in between.

The secant walls are designed for high horizontal pressures from the earth, the water and the trains load

on the neighbour arch bridge.

The bottom slab is designed for Light Rail from above and vetical pressures from below (water).





The bridge deck on the right is designed inclining to meet the need of 4.500m free height above the new Light Rail.

The deck thickness is optimized to 575mm at the centre, and reduced to 497mm as longitudinal slope of 1.5%.


The bridge deck on the left has a good free height, and have thereby a centre thickness of 600mm, which is reduced

also to 497mm at the end.





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