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Geometry Model 

Cable-stayed Bridge

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Subscription for Automatic Models Creation 


Model description  
Cable-stayed Bridge Revit parametric model**


Cable-stayed Bridge Lusas parametric model**




Geometry model


Analysis model


Landscape model


ICDAS Basis of Design




Additional features

Rendering & Animation

Case Study and 

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* Each annual subscription is based on 12000EUR excl. VAT

** Geometry and analysis model applied the same Excel input

The annual subscription is including:


›  Concrete Bridge (COB)

›  Support on use, including correction of input errors from the users.

›  Updated features in ICDAS CSB and COB as soon it is released.

›  The users can ask for additional features.

For annual subscription the four manuals below are included. The manuals show the users

how to combine automation and manual modification, using ICDAS library of Revit families,

and have been carried out step-by-step during creation of bridge models in our website.

The manuals are constantly updated during subscription. 


›   1_ICDAS_Revit_Bridge_Interface_Manual_2018.02.pdf   

›   2_ICDAS_Revit_Bridge_Family_Libraries_2018.02.pdf

›   3_ICDAS_DYNAMO_Manual_2018.02.pdf  

›   4_ICDAS_AutoCAD_Civil_3D_Bridges.pdf


For a standalone licence the users can install ICDAS CSB on any PC/Laptop as needed.

Only PC/Laptop with ICDAS USBKey can run ICDAS CSB. 


ICDAS reserves the right for updating versions, specifications and to alter annual pricing 

for subscription. Subscription fee is lowered in combination with other ICDAS Bridges

for individual agreement. 23456789_23456789_123456789_123456789_123456789_123456789_123456789_123456789









ICDAS offer special annual subscription of 7000EUR/mnd including:

›  Arch Bridges, Cable-stayed Bridges, Concrete Bridges and Steel Frame Bridges.

›  Parametric Buildings, Cylinder Buildings and Wind Turbine Foundation.

›  Free number of licenses as ICDAS USB-Key delivered after the needs.

›  Support on ideas competition models, both of Revit & Lusas. 

›  Support on detailed models, both of Revit & Lusas.

›  Models and manuals updated as soon it is released.

›  Free access to ICDAS Libraries for Revit family files and Lusas model examples.

›  The users get what they see on www.icdas.dk

›  Implement additional automation features after the client’s needs.

ICDSA COLLECTION makes it possible for users to stay updated with new features,

and to contribute with new input to all of ICDAS models.

Feel free to contact ICDAS th@icdas.dk

Subscription advantages 

Updated 06-03-2018 


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