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ICDAS Steel Arch Bridge Example


Figure: Automatic Creation of Arch Bridge Steel Frame

Example below shows an Arch Bridge of 100m span + 2x10m segments outside the arch.

The bridge deck has a radius of 500m. The arch is ellipse having two tangent ends of 12m height vertical

from the deck level to the foundation.

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Figure: Automatic creation of Arch Bridge, front view and longitudinal view.

Loading, load combinations & envelope automatic creation


Figure below shows automatic creation of envelope of moving loads along the bridge deck,
class 150tons (vehicle A in Load Model 3). The maximum vertical deflection downward
(Min values) is found 176mm at a position named loadcase "...Posi 23".

Figure: Automatic creation of envelope of moving loads along the bridge. Values of vertical displacement (m)

ICDAS AB 2018.00R provides also all single loadcases created. Set active the case "318: ClassLoad
150 Lane 1 Posi 23" for vertical displacement DZ, one gets 176mm as found in the above envelope
for displacements. Figure below shows also load symbol at the indicated node, where there are 22
points load represented class 150tons (the light blue arrows symbol)


Figure: Automatic creation of single case "ClassLoad 150 Lane 1 Posi 23". Values of vertical displacement (m)

Lusas visualise bridge deformation in 3D cross section where we e.g. can see different bewteen thicknesses 
of the arch and the hanger elements. Shown below is 3D view from bottom where we can focus on the
deformations of the steel frame below the concrete deck modelled as shell element in green.


Figure: 3D bridge deformation due to "ClassLoad 150 Lane 1 Posi 23". Values of vertical displacement (m)

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