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  Parametric Buildings (FRBL Model Examples)
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123456789_123456789_1 Tietgenbyen Odense Denmark 
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FRBL Model Examples  

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123456789Location  : Tietgenbyen Odense, Parcel 1

Local Plan 4-699 and 1-475


Model type: Building in letters I-C-D-A-S
Model area:

Parcel Area: 26076m2

Material    : Concrete, glass and aluminum frames




I-C-D-A-S building is an example of application of FRBL

software. Each letter building has a standard width of 9m

and a standard room of 4x4m. All buildings have 6 floors

of 5m height each, and a top floor with grass area. The

five buildings are located on a curved path along M.P.

Allerups Vej, Odense Denmark. The parcel is created in

AutoCAD Civil 3D and the buildings are created

automatically in Revit using FRBL software. The buildings

on the parcel are visualized in 3ds Max Design. 


FRBL Model, Tietgenbyen Parcel 1, 3000 pixels

news: M FRBL Tietgenbyen 01 Low.jpg 
FRBL Model, Tietgenbyen Parcel 1, 3000 pixels 

news: M FRBL Tietgenbyen 03 Low.jpg
FRBL Model, Tietgenbyen Parcel 1, 3000 pixels
123456789_ 123456789_123456789_123456789_123456789_123456

Animation example

Tietgenbyen Denmark  (YouTube)

Tietgenbyen Denmark (Download 1920x1080 pixels)

Tietgenbyen Denmark (Download 1280x720 pixels)


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