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  Parametric Buildings (FRBL Model Examples)

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FRBL Model Examples  

Model description  




BIM model


Analysis model


Landscape model


ICDAS Basis of Design


Workflow of Software


Additional features


Rendering & Animation


Trial Version


 Figure below shown a 5-floors building, where the user just copy input of the last floor and
paste three more floors in Excel. Additionally, the top roofing is offset inside the building to
give open space at the two ends of the building. Heights of the open walls here (glass) are
set to 3m, where the top floor is raised to 8m height compared to 6m for the lower floors.


RF=RB=200, LF=LB=80, nwall 16

RR=RL=30, LR=LL=40, nwall 10

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  The next three figures show interior rooms which are also created automatically by input region
Internal Design. To design the internal rooms, create first external dimensions of the walls which
are the basis for the rooms. These walls are numbered along the Front, Right, Back and Left side
of the building. When you want to undo an ICDAS add-ins action, just press Ctrl+Z, modify Excel
input, and run add-ins again. In region internal design you can enter 0/1 for non-structural/
structural at each wall. The last figure is showing all structural elements of the building where the
walls are in aqua and the floors are in orange colour. You can further create beams and columns
automatically in case the deck spans are too long. See analysis  section for how to obtain this Revit
structural model in LUSAS or other FEM software.


RF=RB=80, LF=LB=80, nwall 16

RR=RL=30, LR=LL=40, nwall 10

FigurePrint Screen of internal rooms automatic creation

Figure: Automatic creation of dimensions at any active view

Figure: Automatic assignments of non-structural/structural element

Updated 13-04-2022

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