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Additional features are features under development. For registered subscription

you will receive new features as soon as it is updated.


Shown below, ICDAS will make use of Tekla strong reinforcement creations in Revit model.

Because ICDAS input list every single object in the construction, you can select which objects

for exporting to IFC file. In Revit Add-Ins External Tools run function "Export selected objects

to IFC" for the IFC file of these objects. In Tekla press File > Insert Reference Model... to insert

this IFC file for creation of reinforcement. Once finish, export them to IFC file back to Revit

(Open File, Save as *.rvt and Link Reivt, or Link IFC).


ICDAS are also working on automatic reinforcement creation in Tekla for the coming version.

Figure: Workflow of ICDAS automatic models creation using Revit and Tekla

Additional features can also be special features which are in agreements with

individual customer.


Some of them are listed below.

- Roof Truss Construtions

- Add Curtain Wall Panel incl. door/window in Revit

- Analysis model incl. meshes created by the Lusas cmd file
- 2D layout of 
centre of gravity of walls with holes for door/window

For complicated curved/double curved concrete elements, ICDAS develop automation for geometry

in Revit as usually. Then create Dynamo scripts for creation of rebar. These scripts will select

concrete surfaces from the Revit model, to create the rebar centerlines, and then the rebar objects.

These features develop in special agreements with the clients.  

Updated 27-05-2024

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