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Geometry input by Excel

Geometry of parametric building is based on points creation.

By default, a point's position is input by XDist and YDist from

previous point where the first point is at the origin (0,0).

In addition to this, Excel input has a sheet for automatic

calculation of points geometry for the curved facades. These

curves are circular arcs input by radii, total length, number

of elements and adaptive factors. With these, by change of

parameters one will get a new appearance of the model.

The users can of course also self-define mathematical

functions and link to sheet 1 for automatic creation of the

model. An example of points curve is shown to the right for

the left haft of the model, where dimensions are in meters.

ICDAS FRBL User's Manual

The tutorial is in pdf format, showing you an example of

FRBL model. The input applied in the tutorial is the same

as the one installed in your PC when you install FRBL

software. You can easily modify the input to your model

by follow this user's manual.

Create FRBL Walls

You can design each of the Front, Back, Left, Right side

of the building by turn off the sides which are not interest.

It helps you to input faster and easier (use Ctrl +Z to undo

an automation in Revit and run ICDAS Add-Ins again)








Figure: ICDAS Excel Based Models Creation in Revit




ICDAS Family Images Catalogue

The catalogue highlights numerous types of walls, doors,

windows, floors, columns, structural columns, structural

framing, railings, furniture and planting which are stored

in Revit family *.rfa files in 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

You can select a type number for automatic model creation

in your project file (ICDAS 2016.01R.rvt template required).

You can further customise a family, giving them a number,

and use it in your project.

Create Internal Rooms

The internal rooms are automatically created by input

given along the four sides Front, Right, Back and Left.

Create Beams and Columns

Beams and columns are created automatically by input

at each floor.

Create Floors

By default the floor is located above top of walls. Using

"Floor design by points" you can freely design shape of

the floor by points, and varying from level to level.

Using beams/columns support you can e.g. create e.g.

a big hollow on the floor in the centre of a big building.






Create Dimensions

Dimensions are automatically created at the bottom of

the four sides Front, Right, Back and Left. It is the lengths

of the walls you enter in the input.


Create Roof

By default, the footprint of the roof is the edges of the

external walls, and there is no input needed. 













Create Element dimensions layout

You can automatically create element dimensions layout on a

new Revit file ICDAS E2016.01R.rvt. Run first Create Walls to

create all walls in 4 sides as shown to the right, top (set

DXF=DYR=DXB=DYL=5000mm,  DZV=4000mm)


The following four functions will create dimensions in it

associated view:


Create DimFrontSouthView

Create DimRightEastView

Create DimBackNorthView

Create DimLeftSouthView


See the View cube and select Elevation View in Project Browser,
then run one of the above associated function. E.g. the Front
walls will layout in Elevation South.


Automatic elements dimension




Open and Save *.jpg in Paint

This feature applies to minimize the size of image.jpg
for animation and keep the same picture quality.

Once 3D model has been automatically create in Revit, all
desirable 2D drawings can be generated, drag to predefined

sheets for easy printing of drawings documentation (BIM). 



Video Tutorial 1 of 3 Getting Start (FRBL 2014.02R)

Video Tutorial 2 of 3 Customized WallType (FRBL 2015.00R)

Video Tutorial 3 of 3 Customized ColumnType (FRBL 2015.00R)

Video Tutorial 4 Automatic Element Dimension (FRBL 2015.00R)


Video Tutorial 5 Curved Building using Excel (FRBL 2015.01R)





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