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 Hall Constructions (Revit Add-ins Arcade)

Rendering, Animation & Virtual Reality
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Rendering & Animation 

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Rendering and animation can broadly be broken into two purposes, either in competition or collaboration. Many plug-in in Revit have developed for these purposes and this section will present some of them.



You can e.g. use Revit plug-in Enscape for real-time rendering. Real-time means that a material you choose for an object will be immediately rendered in Enscape screen (instead of doing that in a separated task in Revit). Also when you move an object in Revit, it also moves in Enscape. Enscape has further “Enable Oculus Rift” function allowing you to enter into virtual reality in one click (you need Oculus Rift headsets and software first installed in your PC). Once Enscape has been installed as plug-in in Revit, it will work directly on your Revit locally (no need to connect to the cloud).



You can send your Revit project to Revit LIVE cloud service from which you can open project anywhere with internet connection and without need of Revit software. However, at this early stage of Revit LIVE 2018, the following notices should be made:

› Not all Revit components are compatible with LIVE.

› Only Revit 3D views (Orthographic and Cameras) are sent to

  LIVE. Use section boxes to limit the objects sent to the cloud

  to help your interactive experience in LIVE more fluid.

› Lights are implemented differently in Revit and in LIVE. You

  may need to experiment a bit by reducing Revit light intensities

  and/or loss factors in Revit first.

› When you send your project to the cloud for processing, it

  takes time (depending on the complexity of the project and

  cloud traffic) to create and download a fully processed *.lvmd

  LIVE file that you can open with one click in LIVE editor.

Once the *.lvmd file opened in LIVE editor, you can enter into virtual reality with HTC VIVE headsets in one click (you need HTC VIVE headsets and software first installed in your PC)


Rendering & animation in 3ds Max

You can create an animation movie with 3ds Max for your project. The movie is in *.wmv format incl. audio in *.wav format that you can play in any PC without software used to create the movie. To send a movie to competition, your information model (Revit) should be located in terrain model (AutoCAD Civil 3D) in landscape model (3ds Max). ICDAS provide manual to apply 3ds Max as the platform to import all the abovementioned models, adding more 3ds Max objects which can be purchased from shopping websites (such people and furniture objects in high level of details as shown to the right).


Animation in fact is a series of rendered images. Therefore a faultless animation needs control on each single image. ICDAS provide manuals for rendering in 3ds Max for:

› Interaction between light, material, reflection, refraction of

  different objects in the scene

› Materials displayed on 3ds screen and on rendering.

› Parameters needed for interior and exterior renderings.

› Rendering in 16:9 format, 9:16 format (vertical) or other formats.

› And many other technical tips…


The animation itself is a serious work where ICDAS provide manuals for the following issues:

› Camera path as lines, circles, arcs and turning camera to focus on


› Time configuration determined the speed of animation depending

   on the path.

› Populate crowd in motion.

› Audio editing and insert text

› Movie format *.mp4 vs. *.wmv

› Resolution 1080 pixels or higher (4K)

› Keep high images quality and minimalize size of the file on the

  same time

› And many other technical tips…


An example of ICDAS animation can see here.  

Enscape example of rendering

Enscape example of rendering

Enscape example of rendering

Enscape example of rendering

ICDAS 3ds Max Animation Manual

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