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  Hall Construction (Arcade software) 

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Welcome to ICDAS Arcade software!

This section (and sections on the left menu) is a brief introduction to

working with automatic model creation of Hall Constructions. It describes

the basic methodology and is not contained all ICDAS tools and descriptions.

All examples are generic for worldwide use and do not conform to specific

company standards. Refer to a ICDAS licence for more details on all

parameters and guides to your project.

To run Arcade 2016.00A, you need the following software installed

on your PC/Laptop:


§      ICDAS Arcade 2016.00A

§      AutoCAD Architecture 2016 (and back to 2011)

§      Lusas Civil & Structural V15.0-8 (but also on previous version, 

                                                      if analysis model is desired)

§      Input text file (NotePad++, freeware text/code editor)


Arcade model can be used to gymnasium, sport center, exhibition center, 

office, conference and so on.


Arcade has structural elements as longitudinal beams, cross beam and 

vertical columns. Other non-structural elements stabilize the building as

roofs and walls/curtain walls.


Material steel or wood being use for the beams, glass for the roofs, and 

masonry block/glass for the facades.


Arcade model is totally parametric. There are unlimited number of elements

along a longitudinal beam, and unlimited number of longitudinal beams. Each

longitudinal beam has its own curved polynomial consisting of straight lines. 


See list on the left for further details.   


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