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 How to create LUSAS model automatically?


It happens when you import Lusas.cmd in Lusas
(File > Import). The Lusas.cmd is created automatically
you run ICDAS Add-Ins in Revit. Input for the CB model
is located 
in your working folder C:\ICDAS\ICDAS CB Excel.xlsm  when you installed ICDAS CB.

What is created automatically in Lusas? 


§   Geometric points, lines, surfaces of the CB model as

   designed in Revit

§   Floors and walls in 3D Thick shell element QTS4

   (Quadrilateral Linear element with 5 degrees of freedom

   at each node)

§   Elements meshing with 1000x1000mm.

§   Thicknesses of floors and walls are entered for each floor

§   Groups of floors and walls at each level

§   Hole of door in a wall is created by remove the lower

   part of that wall with the door height (see Additional


Refer about LUSAS, StruSoft or Robot tool?





Resolution 1833x931

Resolution 1828x926


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