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BIM model is automated in Revit 2015-2024.

Model is created automatically by click on ICDAS addin functions in Revit External Tools. These functions make Revit read input file, execute some tasks and return 3D model on Revit drawing area.


The template file ICDAS D2019.00R.rvt and Facade.rfa are needed.

They contain predefined families selected by number input file.

The Facade.rfa is used only when you design inclining facade. These

two files will be installed in your PC when you install ICDAS CB.



The video tutorials below created in ICDAS CB 2014


Video Tutorial CB 2000m2 Part 1 of 2

Video Tutorial CB 2000m2 Part 2 of 2



Once 3D model has been automatically create in Revit, all desirable 2D drawings can be generated, drag to predefined sheets for easy printing of drawings documentation (BIM).




123456789_123456789_1123456789Examples of automatic models creation  in ICDAS CB 2015


Updated 07-08-2023


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