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Constructions that you meet often like buildings, bridges or wind turbine foundations.

› Constructions, in simple or advanced geometry, and where you want to consider more than

  one design (dimensions, materials, static and dynamic behaviours).

› Construction in a competition project that you wish a draft FEM model enclosed for the first

  preliminary design (and also succeeding works as well).


ICDAS provides also unique construction where you can design the curved lines/surfaces in other

sheet in Excel input and link to sheet 1 for automation. On the top menu "Models" you will find

some of such parametric models.


ICDAS can also be used to an existing architectural model, if you are engineering firm. You do not

need to design the model from beginning, but enter the architectural dimensions in Excel file. You

can also use ICDAS to generate extension of an existing construction. In this case you can use ICDAS

to create two Revit models, the one for the extension and the other for the existing construction, and

then link them together in a common project.


The case your project is not found as an ICDAS model, we will help you to identify input and create a

new automation solution for that. It makes sense when you consider the time needed for the project,

and the time to invest to an ICDAS solution to reuse it for the next projects.


Updated 09-05-2017