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123456789_123456789_1123456789How does ICDAS work and what software ICDAS uses? 
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ICDAS create add-ins/plug-ins on existing software. There are two options to automate models,

either to execute ICDAS outside the software, or inside the software.


Revit automation

› Open Excel input

› Open a Revit model > Add-ins tab > External Tools panel > ICDAS dropdown functions


Lusas automation

› Open Excel input

› Open a Lusas model

› Open a Revit model > Add-ins tab > External Tools panel > ICDAS dropdown function

   (for Lusas)



Tekla automation (not default)

› Open Excel input

› Open a Tekla model

› Run ICDAS TEKTA (External Tools) > ICDAS dropdown functions


Thus, the Excel file is a common input for both of Revit, Lusas (or Tekla). This Excel file can also be

replaced by normal text files if so desired (NotePad++ freeware editor is commended). The benefit

of Excel input is that you can enter/modify input for a construction in the first one or two sheets.

This Excel is also the target for output reports on the other sheets, so you will keep all information

in one Excel file. You can further determine layout of the Excel file for a new model in agreement

with ICDAS.

ICDAS can also read input form *.xml format. E.g. to read *.struxml for reinforcement created in

beam, column and plate in StruSoft (FEM Design) and automate it in Tekla Structures. 


There is no new interface to learn in ICDAS if you are in family with Revit, Lusas (or Tekla).


For information models, automatic models creation is strongest for software with open API in C# .NET

technology, especially software which is born in this technology, e.g. Revit. Older software developed in

other language which partly has converted to .NET, only provide automations in these parts. They are

e.g. Tekla, AutoCAD/AutoCAD Architecture and MicroStation (not developed in C# .NET originally).

However, Tekla provide useful open API for the parts with C# .NET technology which give intelligent model.

Note that ICDAS can create automation in non-C#.NET software like AutoCAD/AutoCAD Architecture or

MicroStation, but these software are not intelligent, and there is restriction for what we want to automate.


For FEM analyses, ICDAS automation is strongest in Lusas (London University Stress Analysis System).

Secondary in Robot, but easily can be implemented when needed.


The users can freely select ICDAS automations for 3D information models, analysis models, or both.


In addition, ICDAS projects also apply:


  ›   AutoCAD Civil 3D for terrain model (also import *.xml from Bentley MicroStation).

  ›   3ds Max for landscape model, rendering and animation.

  ›   Autodesk LIVE Design for cloud service and Virtual Reality (VR) with HTC headsets.

  ›   Trimble Connect for cloud service, HoloLens and other wearable headsets.


Updated 02-02-2018