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Truc Huynh

M.Sc, Ph.D



Full CV


2008 - Today

Founder and administration of ICDAS software & models

2018 April - December

Consultancy for The Danish Road Directorate, BIM & FEM for Infrastructural Projects

2017 March - 2018 April

VDC Specialist at AARSLEFF (Virtual Design & Construction)

2012 - 2017

External Lecturer at Technical University of Denmark, DTU Ballerup Campus


2014 October - 2017

Specialist/Project Manager at COWI AS. IBDAS (Integrated Bridge Design & Analysis System) 


2008 - 2014 April

Developer/Project Manager at NIRAS AS. Developer of software BD3 (Bridge Design 3Dimensions)

for highway concrete bridges. Developer of software MD3 (Masts & Towers Design 3Dimensions)

for Mast & Towers.



Rambøll AS, Bridge Engineering FEM Specialist using LUSAS & BDS (Bridge Design System)



COWI AS, Bridge Engineering FEM Specialist. Creator of slab model for highway concrete bridges 

using IBDAS



Ph.D., Suspension Bridges Aerodynamics & Active Vibration Control, Aalborg University Denmark. 

Assistant Professor, Virtual Reality Center Nord, Aalborg University Denmark.



Civil engineer & co-supervisor for project students at Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

M.Sc. from DTU                     



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