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  Hall Construction (Arcade Model Example)

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Greve Main Denmark

Location: Greve Main Parcel 3

Local Plan 14.19 and 14.36

Model type: Arcade, created by AC 2013.10R

Model area: 1728m2

Parcel area: 6430m2

Materials: Concrete, marble, glass, wood frames, solar energy



The curved frames are mounted using 3m beam element. Three solar

energy panels are mounted along the longitudinal beams.



Animation example, Greve Main Denmark 

Download animation in 1280x720 pixels or  in 1920x1080 pixels 

news: M Arcade 1, 1728m2 Greve Main Ca4.jpg
Arcade 1, 1728m2 Greve Main Ca43000 pixels
Arcade 6, 1728m2 Greve Main Ca5G, 3000 pixels

news: M Arcade 2, 1728m2 Greve Main Ca5.jpg
Arcade 3, 1728m2 Greve Main Ca5, 
3000 pixels
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