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ICDAS provide Add-Ins for automatic models creation, Revit models, Manual for Revit Bridges Interface
and Manual for Revit Buildings Interface. Only Revit models are for perpetual sale. Others are for annual
subscriptions. See the links above for further details.

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ICDAS Revit Bridge Interface Manual

Welcome to ICDAS Revit Bridge Interface Manual.


The 4 manuals below contains all issues we faced when working with ICDAS bridge models.
The manuals are for both of new Revit users and experiences, including in annual subscription of ICDAS Bridges.  

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15000 2015 2249 
 P012 2_ICDAS_Revit_Bridge_Family_Libraries.pdf 3000 404 450 
 P013  3_ICDAS_DYNAMO_Manual.pdf  3000404 450 
 P014  4_ICDAS_AutoCAD_Civil_3D_Bridges.pdf 1500 202 225 


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