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ICDAS Villa Models

Model description

Villa Drawing  

Villa Interior

Villa Landscape 


Additional Features

Rendering & Animation

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Location: Roskilde Trekroner Denmark

Villa type: 5R210, 6R180, 7R183, 8R327
              (E.g. 5R210 ~ 5 rooms 210m2)

Animation example, Roskilde Trekroner Denmark

Download animation in 1920x1080  pixels.

ICDAS Villa software provide you the three optional module/manual

Villa Drawing 2016.00A (and back to 2010)
Villa Interior 2016.00A
 (and back to 2010)
Villa Landscape 2016.00A

The drawing part create 3D model in AutoCAD 

2010-2016 automatically 

The interior manual guide you how to import AutoCAD dwg file in 3ds 

Max 2016. It contains also many 3d max files for furniture to be use

in the scene.

The landscape manual guide you how to position many parcel houses.
It contains also many 3d max files for retaining walls, bushed, parking
to be use in the scene.


Update 25-05-2015

 news: Villa_Animation1.gif

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